Trenton Truck Terminal & Warehouse was formed in 1996 when our founders, Mr. George G. King, Sr. and his daughter, Diana L. King, purchased the property from Brown Shoe Company. Mr. King foresaw a large warehousing and distribution facility as a valuable asset and support system to complement the supply chain for the surrounding industrial complexes forming a strong link between manufacturing facilities and materials.

As proud employees, we share Mr. King's vision and continue to move forward with it. We invite you to be part of this vision and form a long lasting relationship with our company!


Trenton is located in West Tennessee - central to many great geographical advantages. We are accessed by 4 lane highways to benefit the ease of traffic movement. The cost of living is below national average, so we can pass these savings on to our valued customers to help lower their operation costs.

  • 18 miles from U.S. Highway 412
  • 23 miles from Jackson, TN.
  • 25 miles from Interstate 40.
  • 25 miles from Interstate 155.
  • 96 miles from Memphis, TN.
  • 150 miles from Nashville, TN.

Some facts about our facility:

  • The floors are all heavy duty steel reinforced concrete.
  • Our warehouse sits on 14 acres with railroad access.
  • A cross dock with 16 docks, separate from the main building.
  • Cargo chute crossing the road above truck height.
  • 14 docks in the main building to compliment the cross-dock facilities.

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The building consists of 3 levels - basement with outside access, main floor, and upper floor.The basement is 28,000 square feet, the main and upper floors are 225,459 square feet each, with a combined area of 478,918 square feet at the main building, and about 5,000 square feet at the cross docks, bringing the total inside square footage to nearly 500,000 square feet!

The facility is heated with gas fired furnaces, so freezing of materials below 50 degrees is not a problem. The facility is equipped with security systems and fire suppression systems. Local police patrol the facility frequently, and 24 hour security can be provided on customer request.